“Shadleen’s Herb” “be herbivore, be heal” Is a concept of home made hygienic food. In our urban life, specially in Dhaka city we hardly found health food. We are eating chemical mixed food in our every day life because we don’t have any other options, but when we think this for our new born child, we never want to give up to get hygienic food.

“Shadleen’s” promised to provide you the idea and service to get hygienic food in your most convenience. We have started with Hand Made baby food, later on we will provide some other healthy foods “In Sha Allah”.

The Owner of Shadleen’s Herb has a baby girls named Sehrish Sadleen. Basically she used to made all the food of her baby’s in her home with all health ingredients and keep her baby’s health in sound. Some time she founds some of her neighbours are suffering to give their baby’s hygienic food. From this concern she decided to provide this service and establish Shadleen’s Herb.

Let’s try to make this insidious urban life healthy!!

Why should

choose us?

We believe in service & quality rather than the business volume.
As we make the food by our own hands, We never take orders out of our capacity to ensure our food quality and service.

We understand the value of you and your health.
We believe that if you can carry a sound health only then we make steps in ahead

We Care you & your feedback.
We are eager to have your every single feedback, because we believe your every single feedback will make us perfect for you.

Shadleen’s Tread License Number Is : 233792