Sago/ Sabudana

Sago/ Sabudana



Sago is high in calories because it is basically made of starch. The starches are complex carbs that contain multiple connected glucose molecules, which are used by the body to produce energy. This food product is not very nutritious but is carb-dense. It contains a small amount of protein and vitamins. So you must be careful with your portion size, especially when you are trying to shed kilos. The best thing about sabudana is that it is gluten-free and can be an excellent substitute for wheat-based flour and grains and for people suffering from celiac disease.

100 grams of sabudana gives you

Calories: 332

If you are looking for a food source that can help you gain some weight, then include more of this food in your diet. Dense in carbs, sabudana helps in building essential fat tissues in the body to protect internal organs and ensures uniform lipid distribution throughout the body. It is particularly good for all those people who are underweight.
Pregnant women can also include sabudana in their diet as it helps in the healthy growth of the unborn child. The food rich in vitamin B6 and folate can support the growth and the development of the foetus. It also prevents neural tube defects in infants.

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